Georgia has five main regions of viniculture, and one of them is Imereti, a region in western-central Georgia, situated along the middle and upper reaches of the Rioni River. In addition to wine, Imereti is also famous for its mulberries.

ImeretiImereti is known as a highly diverse region for wine making. Both climatic conditions and soil conditions vary significantly within the region, and this will of course have an impact on the wine.

Examples of wines from Imereti:

  • Sviri Krakhuna
  • Obchuri Tsolikouri
  • Kvalituri Tsitska

In Imereti, the kvevri vessel is more commonly known as churi. After fermentation, Imereti wine is typically left in the churi for another two months, before the pulp is removed and the wine transferred into barrels.

Grape varieties

Examples of varieties grown in Imereti:

  • Adanasuri
  • Aladasturi
  • Argvetuli Sapere
  • Bazaleturi
  • Bzvanura
  • Dondghlabi
  • Dzelshavi
  • Krakhuna
  • Kundza
  • Kvishkhuri
  • Otskhanuri
  • Rko
  • Sapere
  • Thiska
  • Tklapa
  • Tsolikauri
  • Vani Chkhaveri

About Imereti

Where is Imereti?

ImeretiImereti is located in western-central Georgia, along the middle and upper reaches of the Rioni River.

How large is Imereti?

6,475 km2 (2,500 sq mi)


At the 2014 census, Imereti had 536,052 residents. This translates to a density of 83 people per square kilometers (210 people per square mile).

Most people in Imereti speak a Georgian dialect particular to Imereti.

Population centers

Name Info
Kutaisi Regional capital of Imereti

Legislative capital of Georgia (the Georgian parliament has been located here since 2012)

3rd most populous city in Georgia

Used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Georgia, and later the Kingdom of Imereti

Samtredia Located 27 km west of Kutaisi

Developed around an important railway junction in the 1870s

Sackhere Surrounded by thousands of small and mid-sized farms
Khoni Famous for tea production
Chiatura Center for manganese production
Tkibuli Center for coal mining
Zestafoni Industrial city focused on processing various metals
Vali Was once the capital of the Kingdom of Colchis